About Us

Thomas Bridgmon Outreach Ministries began in 2009 to address the needs of the homeless in Chicago.  Our aim is to provide food to homeless individuals when soup kitchens are closed during the weekends.  Our services are geared toward people who live in abandon buildings, in vacant lots, under bridges, and in vehicles.

Our Mission

Our mission is necessities. We provide food and clothing to homeless veteran and non-veteran individuals and families; we empower them to reintegrate into society and improve their quality of life with intervention resources and literacy programs; and we alert the world of its impact on their wellbeing.


Support non-profit ideas and organizations that will aid people in need. Assist homeless individuals, families and veterans in regaining their quality of life. Distribute food, clothing to the homeless living on the streets, in cars and abandon buildings. Provide young individuals with the tools necessary for stability and safety. Help homeless individuals, families and veterans reintegrate themselves into society through self empowerment tools and computer literacy. Provide services to individuals, veterans and families who are weary of the shelter system.

A Message from Our President

As people lose their jobs, houses, families, and futures during this economic crisis, I remember a time when I lived in a car. Cost saving measures led to my company to dismiss me, and I became homeless. I had always worked, so I had no knowledge about the resources that would help me better my condition....... Read More