Lunch Distribution Date

June 25th, 2017


Chicago Locations

55th and Dan Ryan ExpresswayFood Distribution
47th and Dan Ryan Expressway
31st and Ashland  Avenue    
22nd and Canal Street  
22nd and Ruble Street  
Ruble St. and Canalport
18th and Ruble Street
Roosevelt Rd. and Dan Ryan Expressway
Ashland and Eisenhower Expressway
Damen and  Eisenhower Expressway
Franciscan House   2715 W. Harrison Street  
Altgeld Park            515 S. Washtenaw Ave.
Walls Memorial Church      200 S Sacramento Blvd
Pacific Garden Mission    1458 South Canal Street
Stevenson Expressway and Damen Ave.
Stevenson Expressway Pulaski Rd.
Lakeshore Dr. and Lawrence Ave.
Lakeshore and Foster Ave.

Information on future events contact us at or 312-473-6373

Our Homeless Veteran and Lunch Time Programs provides bag lunches to homeless veterans, individuals, and families living on the streets of Chicago and South Suburban area.