State of Illinois Homeless ID Card

Do you  know someone who's homeless, a family member or friend? Make sure that person can be identified if something happens to that person. How? If that person is living in the State of Illinois the State ID is free. Do you have questions about getting a free ID? More info

A Little Rain Falls in Everyone's Life

Do you have a family member or friend in need housing or shelter.  Click Here for a list of  housing and shelter resources to help them or yourself through those trying times.   

         Temporary Shelter

The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services provides CDHS Shelter Systemtemporary shelter in Chicago. Shelters vary in whom they serve and the scope of service they provide. Some shelters welcome walk-ins while others require a referral.    More info

Lunch Time Program

Provides meals for families, and individuals living on the street. It operates when soup kitchens are closed on the weekend. 
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  Homeless Veteran Food Drive

      homeless veterans Provides lunches and clothing to homeless veterans who live in abandon buildings, in vacant lots, under bridges, and in vehicles.

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